"The dancing fool and the watching fool are the same fool, so why don't we dance?"

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Check us our performance at Japan Day 2015!

We appeared at Japan Day 2015 at Arlington International Racecourse. We got hit by two thunderstorms and the event was almost cancelled but we rocked the joint with our dance! Those who danced with us, thank you for joining us! Hope to see you again, soon. […]

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top-sponsorThank you, TOP for becoming our sponsor!

TOP, the nationally renowned human resource firm has offered us generous sponsorship. With the fund, we can now purchase many items that we did not think was possible including our own fan! Thank you, Mr. Kaji and everyone at TOP for your support. We are looking forward to seeing you guys dancing like their is […]

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Our petite Flash Mob at Mitsuwa Marketplace. We danced to Funkist’s “Rakuen Paradise”

It was fun cruising through Mitsuwa Marketplace. Some kids have joined us to the end. Hopefully that is what is going to happen on 7/18 at Arlington International Racecourse.

We had a successful stage performance at 5th Annual Matsuri Spring Festival at the University of Chicago on May 9th.

11073919_416267021885968_744614583571671340_oAI would like to be modest but I think we ROCKED the place, wink wink! Thanks to the costumes provided by Bikkuri-ren and Yaccha-ren, we were definitely most colorful bunch there. Crowd loved us! It was very fulfilling night. Thank you everyone for coming to help! and thank you JSA at UChicago for having us!

シカゴ大学でJapan DayのPRをしてきました!JSAの方々にも盛り上げて頂いたおかげでかなり良い感触でした。無事Japan DayのPRが出来ただけでなく、200人以上の人たちに一分で教えて直ぐに一緒に踊ることが出来たので、Japan Dayに向けて大きな弾みがつきました。きっと南部博士にも褒めて頂けるはず(笑)。参加してくださった皆さん、本当にありがとうございました!

Demo dance by instructors

Check out demo dance by Akina-sensei and Azusa-sensei on 4/12 lesson.


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