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Who we are

We are “Awa Odori” crew in Chicagoland area who are assembled to throw the largest Japanese dancing party in history of Chicago.

As the lyrics of one of the famous Awa Odori song goes(*),

踊る阿呆に Odoru ahou ni The dancers are fools
見る阿呆 Miru ahou The watchers are fools
同じ阿呆なら Onaji ahou nara Both are fools alike so
踊らな損、損 Odorana son, son Why not dance?

We sure picked to be “dancing fools” and I hope you do, too.

We are going to have a plenty of classes and events through out the year to let you familiarize with Awa Odori.

Come and raise your arms.

You are gonna see why people of Japan kept on dancing “Awa Odori” for 400 years.

(*) Wikipedia

Awa Odori Chicago 阿波踊りシカゴ

Contact us at info@awaodorichicago.com

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